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Copro Records   [COP019 ]   [2002 ]

A label sampler, featuring songs from all of Copro's artists. A highly eclectic release ranging from death metal to straight rock and roll.

"Wow, you´re into hard music, ahhh, what a question, sure you are, so this would be something for you. Two CDs which take you by the hand and take you in the land of Copro, a land where there is no limit in music. They go from Alternative-Rock like Earthtone9 and Vacant Stare over Technical Death-Metal like Devolved, man, that´s damn rare that you get sampler like this and for me it´s always cool to hear all these bands and I can choose what CD I will buy next. So, if you go to a record store, look for COP-OFF Double CD and check it out!!!" Daredevil

Tracklisting CD1

  1. earthtone9 - Revelation
  2. Vacant Stare - A Head Start
  3. Withering Surface - Superior Seed
  4. Forever Until October
  5. GF93 - Today's The Same
  6. Desecration - They Bleed
  7. Acid Death - Our Shadows
  8. Medulla Nocte - Inside I'm Dying
  9. Snub - Six Deep
  10. Enemy Maker 888 - Eko
  11. Violet Ultra - Deadlights
  12. earthtone9 - Tat Twam Asi (video)

Tracklisting CD2

  1. Devolved - Supremacy
  2. Landmine Spring - Trepanning
  3. Fony - Chore Again
  4. Porcelain Roach - Anatonia
  5. Cowpuncher - Victim Culture
  6. Imprint - Milk
  7. Angelwhore - Superman
  8. Marshan - Purple Demon Blues
  9. Caution - Force Fed
  10. Dust Byte - The Misadventures...
  11. Lipid - Cathartic Rage
  12. Krius - Poisoner Of The Lost Soul
  13. Broken - Without Essence
  14. Devolved - Distorted (video)