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Kings Thursday on the Friday Street

Casket Music   [CSK006CD ]   [2001 ]

The first official release from Marshan. This EP established the band as an emerging force in the new rock revolution.

"Glasgow is not viewed as a hotbed of new stoner talent - a fact that makes this debut from bearded bravehearts Marshan all the more impressive. From the outset, Marshan impress with their mesmeric, swirling heaviness and the confident way in which their guitars lock together to make 'Purple Demon Blues' and 'Funky Fork Song' an absolute blast." Kerrang!

"Where Marshan have the edge over some of their contemporaries, is the blurring of the edge between stoner and jam bands. A Grateful Dead oriented Kyuss if you will. With some Karma To Burn thrown in for good measure.

Highlight of highlights is the charmingly titled "Mutton Chop Hop" where they jumble up stoner, jam and that cricket theme from the BBC in the seventies into an absolutely mesmerising pot pourri. More more more! Hurry up with the forthcoming "Songs from Southern and Baseline". I need it now in deep down and dirty stylee!" Zeitgeist


  1. purple demon blues
  2. mutton chop hop     (mp3 full)
  3. deep & meaningless     (mp3 clip)
  4. funky fork song
  5. summer hill song
  6. needle eye