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Songs from Southern and Baseline

Funbag Records   [FUN001CD ]   [2004 ]

The first Marshan full length. A fun filled thrill ride through a thick soup of rock, blues and folk.

This record will brighten your day.

"'Songs from Southern and Baseline' may be one of the top records of the year. Think of 'Songs...' as Led Zep's 'III' and 'Physical Graffiti' (especially that very Bonzo-sounding kickbass and roots feel!), Captain Beyond's 'Sufficiently Breathless', The Beatles' 'Revolver' and Simon and Garfunkle's 'Sounds of Silence' all wrapped in one. Acoustic blues tumbles headlong with boogie, riff rock, and prog for a surprisingly multidimensional-yet-cohesive listening experience." Hellride Music

This is an album filled with high energy songs saturated with groove, good spirits, and soul. This will become a benchmark album for the genre.
I could compare them to anyone from Blind Melon to Led Zeppelin. MARSHAN just plain Rocks!"


  1. Shake Yourself     (mp3 clip)
  2. Mind Dryer     (mp3 full)
  3. Sweet Things Suck
  4. Letdowns and Turnarounds
  5. Roger, Heat the Plate     (mp3 clip)
  6. Whisky and the Steamer     (mp3 clip)
  7. Bonsai
  8. Out of Sight
  9. She's Gone     (mp3 clip)
  10. Superbrick     (mp3 clip)