Album Art


Daze of the Underground

Godreah Records   [FAFF03CD ]   [2003 ]

A critically acclaimed Hawkwind tribute album released by Godreah Records in 2003.

"Daze of the Underground differs from earlier tributes by dint of having some name Space Rock acts on it, including people who are current or ex-members of Hawkwind.

Overall then, a damn good album, and I have written this entirely at the first hearing - believing initial impressions to be best when one is familiar with the material, as is the case here. There are several potential motivations for bands to be involved in this kind of exercise, and in most cases here this seems to be driven by wanting to acknowledge a debt to Hawkwind and their music. Any Hawkwind fan will enjoy this, and it's a very good deal, two and a half hours for the (full) price of a single CD album." Starfarer

Tracklisting CD1

  1. Tim Blake - Spirit of the Age
  2. Litmus - Paradox
  3. Amorphis - Levitation
  4. Spacehead - The Right Stuff
  5. The Meads of Asphodel - Utopia
  6. The Enchanted - Song of the Sword
  7. Bedouin - Sword of the East
  8. Silver Machine - Silver Machine
  9. Murkins - Psi Power
  10. Quarkspace - Quark Strangers and Charm
  11. OverMars - Magnu
  12. Alpha Omega - Reefer Madness
  13. ST37 - Orgone Accumulator
  14. History of Guns - Magnu Reprise

Tracklisting CD2

  1. Brainstorm - Masters of the Universe
  2. Sigh - Psychedelic Warlords
  3. Farflung - Robot
  4. Spirits Burning - High Rise
  5. Huw Lloyd Langton Band - Moonglum
  6. Marshan - Hurry on Sundown
  7. Circle - Don’t Understand
  8. Darxtar - The Watcher
  9. Acid King - Motorhead
  10. Beggars Farm - We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
  11. Sloterdijk - Golden Void
  12. Harvey Bainbridge - Acid House of Dreams
  13. Acid Mothers Temple - You Know Your Only Dreaming