SHoD IV Festival, Phoenix AZ   8-10 November 2002

Unida, Dixie Witch, Marshan, ~35 others

Metal Maniacs     [May 2003]

Marshan nearly blew everyone in attendance away with their bluesy sound. Marshan were one of the few bands at SHOD IV with that authentic late 60s/early 70s vibe. Marshan's dual axe attack was complimented on one song by the tactful placement of a harmonica. (Hey, Sabbath did it on 'The Wizard'. Remember?) Marshan definitely was the first SHOD act of the weekend to bring the house down. Stylistically, these guys reminded me of the British school of early heavy rock Cream, Three Man Army, Stray, Wicked Lady and Dark. Tons of off-the-cuff soloing and appropriately placed blasts of vintage fuzz. Marshan got everyone in the mood for the ass-kicking headliner, Dixie Witch from Texas.