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Kings Thursday on the Friday Street

Voodoo Fire   [8/10]   [March 2002]

Hailing from Glasgow, this band certainly seem keeping the rock 'n' roll spirit alive & well up the in Scotland. With a good understanding of how to make groovy but heavy rock music, Marshan remind me somewhat of Acrimony. And that's a comparison to be very proud of indeed.

I particularly liked the rhythm section, and their drummer alternates from delicate tempos to thundering drum assaults in quick order. Harking back to days of non-pigeon holed rock bands such as ZZ Top or Deep Purple, Marshan manage to avoid the usual pitfalls of new bands on the stoner scene by avoiding the scene's clichés. The hard rock groove of songs like 'Mutton Chop Hop' show that Marshan approach their music with a smile on their face, and a bottle of Whiskey in hand. And of course, a song about sideburns is a welcome respite from the more serious doom obsessed side of current bands.

'Deep & Meaningless' follows on with a delicate, light but catchy theme, and is probably the closest that I'll ever get to liking a ballad!

Overall, I can't really fault any of the songs on this CD. Either pick up a copy, or catch them live on their impending tour with the equally good Sea Of Green.

Matt Barker