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Kings Thursday on the Friday Street

Stoner Rock Chick     [September 2001]

Hell ya!!! Outta sight, outta sight.... This is one great album by Marshan produced by Dave Chang so what more do you want or expect?

This great band from Scotland decided to grace our ears with some of the best, catchiest, grooving sounds around. So let's begin our trip shall we?

What a strong kicking intro to "Purple Demon Blues". This is one catchy tune!!! A definite stoner song with some speedier passages. My head bobbing in unison with the beats and shoot, I just want to party now! Some Fu Manchu type vocals in Purple Demon that sound really great. "Mutton Chop Hop" kicks in next with deeper, fatter vocals. Again another catchy as hell, lets get down and party song! A really fun tune to listen to.

"Deep and Meaningless" takes you on a completely different trip, with much airier vocals, much lighter, the kind of music that tingles the psyche. This is my favorite song on the album. Really reminiscent of Blind Melon's vocals and style as well as Hater. If you are into music that grooves you, Marshan fits the bill. Check out "Funky Fork Song" and you'll see what I mean. For beautiful guitar listen to the intro to "Summer Hill Song". Absolutely beautiful! Mesmerizing and on par with Orange Goblin's 'Lothlorian'. This song that starts out so beautiful takes you by surprise and takes over your mind/soul with its good feeling vibes and grooves! Can't miss that southern vibe showing through every once in a while. I dig the deep vocals in this tune. And the guitar playing? Amazing!!

This whole album is a tribute to being stoned and having a good time. Play this album and you can't help but slip into a good mood. You want to groove? Come on I know you do. "Needle Eye" will take you down that path. I cannot possibly make any words do this song justice. Nice up tempo start with a real quiet like ending where the singer whispers "can you feel this?" - it's just killer! And just when you think the song is over.....

All in all this is one great album from Marshan. Look for an interview with them coming up soon.

Deanna St.Croix