Album Art

Kings Thursday on the Friday Street     [November 2001]

Sounds of MC5 mixed with stonerriffic sounds of the 70's. Good grooves and good times... reminds me sometimes of Monster Magnet, sometimes of random 70's influenced bands, but for the most part it is 100% Stoner Rock friendly heavy straight ahead party rock sort of like Daredevil...

On top of being of the straight ahead rock and roll stuff with southern blues influences, guitar rock in general plays a huge part of the influences as well. Thick riffs and blues guitar leads pretty much says it all. A little bit of double bass mixed in and over the top front man vocals. Good stuff, more of the middle of the road stoner rock stuff though. Although this isn't something I would listen to every day because mainly sounds too fresh and young, Marshan might just develop into one of the more rocking bands around. Keep your eyes on these guys, and remember that there is some room for improvement, but a very solid rock and roll foundation for sure. File this CD next to Monster Magnet/Atomic Bitchwax and the MC5.

Rob Wrong