Album Art

Kings Thursday on the Friday Street

Cop Out     [October 2001]

Not many bands come out of Scotland oozing this much garagey, down tuned, doom laden intensity. The size of the guitar and bass riffs are the first thing that hits the listener. Both Graham and Scott keep things straight forward and simple, whilst travelling on a base line that encompasses the power of an out of control juggernaut. While this musical beast shunts along, the silky vocal talents of both the aforementioned players are used in such a way as to bring each song on this 6 track EP to life. And all the time they are pushing their lyrical ideas ever onward. Marshan have taken a look back to the 70's super groups such as Black Sabbath and Traffic and then give their ideas a 21st century twist that lifts them way above much of the stoner competition. This debut release should catapult this young band into the spotlight very quickly.