Album Art

Kings Thursday on the Friday Street

Roadburn     [November 2001]

Scottish stoners Marshan have a pleasant Acrimony-like vibe on their 6-song EP's opener, "Purple Demon Blues". Happy stonerrock is definitely a good thing. More joy comes in the form of track two -- a hoarse vocal line stands next to a high pitched melodic line to give "Mutton Chop Hop" a unique signature. "Deep & Meaningless" is a hilarious title since it refers to a Grateful Deadish (with distorted guitar) instrumental number.

The production by Dave Chang does a great job of keeping the space and lightness in the music rather than overburdening it with generic stonerrock uber-low-end. In fact, the whole of this disc is rife with the atmosphere of a sunny day out with your best mates, just having a great old time. Surely the perfect antidote to a dreary Scottish winter.